Kepler USA provides multiple different Study Tour routes- free professional consultation included- so that students can experience an unforgettable and enriching education-based trip to different exciting destinations. Study Tours include conventional group travel, sightseeing, travel education, and studies of local culture.

What is a Study Tour

Study Tourism is an education method that involves learning while traveling- Study Tours combine the best of travel, education, and culture. Students will spend a few weeks learning valuable cultural lessons, expanding their knowledge, making new friends, and living amazing experiences.

University of Cambridge
University of oxford
University of Tokyo

Study Tourism is not just simple traveling: it connects the material of the class being studied with the environment of the place the students are visiting. It’s right there in the name- Study Tours are in between tourism and studying; they are the most exciting way to learn! Because Study Tourism is different from regular travel and tourism, the cost is calculated to include more content and preparation for students to gain understanding. Kepler USA can also provide customized, private study tours to ease the worries of parents who are concerned that a group environment is not the right choice for their child.

Our Goals for Study Tours

We aim to enhance our students’ world vision, enrich their cultural experience, embolden their initiative, and strengthen their independence. We hope to unlock our students’ personality and learn their habits under the care of our elite team of teachers. Students will discover the quality of our education methods by having true interactive experiences in the places they visit. Our students will leave a Study Tour as experts on the places they visit and the subjects they study.

We have designed multiple different Study Tour routes throughout the north America, Europe, and Asia countries. Our purpose is to have students grow in depth as citizens, travelers, and scholars, with an emphasis on improving their ability to communicate at an academic level.

Assured Quality of Service
Prioritizing Safety

Kepler USA treats the safety and well-being of its students as a #1 priority.

Customizable Service

Study tour plans can be customized for a more private experience.

Professional Education

Our professional team of teachers gives diversified and enriching classes for maximum education with maximum enjoyment.

Multitude of Options

Our students can choose from many different routes of travel offered.

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