Kepler USA is a premium education institute, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our services include Study Tours, college-application consultation, professional tutoring, group programs and more! Kepler USA boasts a quality team of teachers and tutors with ample experience across many different subjects and fields.

We Proudly Feature

Professional Faculty

Our respected pedagogic team has many years of experience across more than one hundred professions and fields. Our faculty are masters of their respective subjects and cooperate tightly between teaching departments.

Streamlined Network

Our students enjoy a comprehensive platform at our institution where the shared large quantity of resources allows our different departments to cooperate seamlessly for optimal and efficient service. Registered students are entitled to free consultation at every step.

Quality Assurance

The quality of service we provide will be verified multiple times every step of the way in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and the best opportunities for our students.

Our Fantastic Team of Professional Educators

Our teaching staff is comprised of a diverse and talented group of educators from all over the world. The core team of our faculty and teachers at Kepler USA hold Masters or Doctoral degrees from accredited and prestigious universities such as NYU and Rice University among others. We have strict qualifications for our staff to ensure plenty of years’ experience in education, as well as experience with applying to and attending universities. Students will show rapid and remarkable improvements in their language and math skills in addition to their confidence while studying under our teachers.

Advantages of Kepler USA

 Verified reviews of student satisfaction

 Many years of experience

 Assured security from every angle

 Professional and talented pedagogic team

 Professional guidance and consultation

Start the Kepler journey for your child !

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