International Student Program

Kepler USA provides various options for American schooling, subject tutoring, professional counseling, immigration consultation and more. We combine all of the above into a cohesive and comprehensive service. Our experienced international-student consultants can help with applications, choice of school, submission of materials, and other essential steps to studying abroad in the United States. Because of the variety of resources Kepler USA has available, students can still have a chance to be accepted into American schools- even without TOEFL or IELTS certification! We will review all applications thoroughly from beginning to end to ensure your student can enter the best universities in America.

What’s included

Life Coaching

We want your student to feel at home while he or she is abroad.

Dedicated Driver

We employ professional, full-time drivers for rapid and comfortable traveling.


We provide for our students dedicated student housing- including a backyard, fully-functional kitchen with dining room, and luxurious comfort. We offer three levels of rooms (based on the agreement with the student, parents, and school).


A school bus will pick up and drop off the students every day. On weekends, the school will send the bus to take students shopping or to Chinatown for cultural activities. We also offer a fully customizable private- car service.


With the student’s cultural needs in mind, the school will arrange various entertainment options on weekends, including movies, sports, museum-outings, shopping and more. A teacher or otherwise responsible person will always be in charge.


Students will be fed daily a diet of different home-style nutritious Chinese meals. Alternatively, students can choose to enjoy American and other Western food.


We partner with experienced American lawyers to protect our students and you at every angle. Kepler USA’s pedagogic team will ensure the safety and security of our students and our legal team will provide any consultation needed.

Emergency Handling

In the event of an emergency resulting in student expulsion or deportation, our professional legal team will be available to mitigate damages and reduce losses on the part of the student. We are committed to protecting student visa status, and our expert lawyers can negotiate with immigration authorities to save or reactivate student visas with the shortest delays.

Customized Study-Abroad Services

We offer courses from the elementary to university level in English, mathematics, chemistry, biology, history and many others, including SAT/ACT preparatory classes. We also offer classes for professional certification in areas such as nursing, accounting, law, and engineering.

Our education and training center provides professional tutoring for Asian students across many different subjects, including reading, writing, SAT and other after school classes.

Teaching materials are selected based on each student’s unique situation, including materials completely or partially in English.

Complete teaching materials acquired over many years of local American education. Course material, the arrangement of course content, and after- school education is based on each student’s individual needs.

Kepler USA respects our students and encourages them to be confident in their language abilities. Our bilingual tutors are committed to a variety of educational methods to help students succeed in improving their English. Our goal is for students to catch up with their American counterparts and experience happy growth in the classroom.

Focusing on the elementary, junior-high, and high school levels, Kepler USA provides tutoring for each class and will develop a detailed study plan for students’ weakest skills as part of a personalized education model. Experienced educators and counselors will follow up with students and report to parents for cooperation between the child, parents, and teacher to ensure the quality of the child’s studies.

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