Our Goals

Without even leaving home, students can take a number of our many rigorous courses- learning anywhere they like while gaining an edge over their peers.

Prepare students ahead of time with the essential knowledge and fundamental skills that will allow them to ace exams such as the SAT, ACT, or AP exams.

Develop students’ study habits and cross-curricular thinking so that they are able to get into their dream school.

Equip students with the vocabulary required for challenging classes, enriching their understanding of the high-level material as well as current events.

Provide students with opportunities to express themselves interpersonally and boost self-confidence.

Online Classes

Kepler USA’s team of professional educators has spent a countless number of hours and a considerable amount of energy meticulously preparing these classes which aim to emphasize student’s reading and writing skills as well as develop critical thinking skills which are the core to long term learning. Special attention is paid to students’ public communication and negotiation abilities. We have selected our learning material from tested, proven pre-K-12 courses. Subjects offered by Kepler USA for online education courses include language arts in English, history, biology and other sciences, SAT preparation classes and more! Through Kepler USA’s online courses, students will gain knowledge of necessary concepts ahead of time and develop the building blocks for a successful higher education.

Start the Kepler journey for your child !

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